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The RFID Professional Institute has created an Associate Credential that is designed to demonstrate that the holder has a broad knowledge of RFID terms, concepts, applications and standards (see Associate Certificate). Additional certifications are currently under development (see Certification Roadmap).

If you would like to obtain the RFID Professional Institute Associate Certificate, there are two ways to do this:


  1. Via exams proctored in person and at RFID industry events
  2. Online via remote proctoring.


To learn more about upcoming events where proctored exams will be delivered, please visit our In-Person Exams page.

To take the exam with a remote proctor— via our partner, InstructedU—please visit InstructedU's web page and create an account (click Create Account button bottom left). If you have a voucher code (either provided when you became a member of the Institute or obtained via a training company), you can enter your code and schedule an exam. Otherwise, purchase an exam voucher via InstructedU. You will be able to schedule an exam at your convenience, but you will need to pay a US$5 fee if the exam is scheduled within 72 hours.


Create an account with InstructedU. (click Create Account button bottom left)


A Note About the Exam

The RFID Professional Institute Associate Certificate is designed to demonstrate that the credential holder has a broad knowledge of all types of radio frequency identification and related technologies, such as ultrasound, infrared and 2D bar codes. The exam is not easy, and you are unlikely to pass without extensive study or training (see what's covered).

We have listed a number of training companies that offer courses, in the Resources section of this website. We do not endorse, nor have we vetted, any of these companies. We have also listed a number of books, online training courses, websites and other resources that might assist you in preparing for the exam. We encourage you to evaluate these resources carefully. If you have questions, send us a message via the Contact Us page.


Good luck on the exam.




Associate Level Exam Domain

The Exam domain is broken down into the following subject areas:

  1. What is RFID?
  2. Architecture Components
  3. Privacy, Safety and Security
  4. Standards and Regulations
  5. Provider Roles
  6. Applications (what you can do)
  7. Evaluation and Selection
  8. System Design
  9. Deployment Steps





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