In Person Exams

10 November 2016  RFID Journal LIVE! EUROPE

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3EE,

United Kingdom


RFID Professional Institute staff will be on site to proctor the Associate Level exam.


An advanced one day training course will also be offered that will include the exam fee. Click here for details of this training.


Please note that this training is intended for those who already have the following prerequisites:


  • RFID fundamentals
  • EPC standards
  • Tag knowledge


Details of organisations offering training can be found in our  Resources section.

Associate Level Exam Domain

The Exam domain is broken down into the following subject areas:

  1. What is RFID?
  2. Architecture Components
  3. Privacy, Safety and Security
  4. Standards and Regulations
  5. Provider Roles
  6. Applications (what you can do)
  7. Evaluation and Selection
  8. System Design
  9. Deployment Steps





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