Professional Certification

Exam Purpose

The RFID Professional Institute Professional Certificate exam is the second level in the RFID Professional Institute examinations designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of RFID technology and how to apply it.

The exam focuses on establishing that the candidate has a good knowledge of how to build an RFID system, the components of such a system are and what role they each play. The exam is simply the mechanism by which we verify that you, the candidate, have the knowledge that we have set out in the curriculum for the certificate that we issue. It is also the mechanism by which you, the candidate, demonstrate to us that you possess that knowledge.

Exam Development

Exam Blueprint

The Board of Directors have not yet approved the final Blueprint for the Professional Level exam bu a draft is available and we expect it to be approved shortly. It can be downloaded here.

Exam Development

The Institute is currently working with the SME's to enhance the current question bank to include sufficient questions at Professional level.


If you would like to become a SME then go to our SME page


Exam Guide

Although the Professional Level exam has not yet been piloted and so is not yet available to take, you can download the Draft version of the Professional Level Exam Guide here

Associate Level Exam Domain

The Exam domain is broken down into the following subject areas:

  1. What is RFID?
  2. Architecture Components
  3. Privacy, Safety and Security
  4. Standards and Regulations
  5. Provider Roles
  6. Applications (what you can do)
  7. Evaluation and Selection
  8. System Design
  9. Deployment Steps





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